Catch up spending plan – April 2021

Assessment and Reporting                                                                       

Absence request form 

British Values Statement 

Calculation Programme of Study 2019-2020 

Children’s Healthy Lifestyle Programme Sept 2019 

Code of Conduct Policy April 21

Data Protection Officer

Designated teacher for looked after and previously looked after children policy 2020

DFE School and College performance tables 

DFE School performance for Redfield Edge Primary School 

Early Years Questionnaire December 2018 

Emergency School Closure – Guide for Parents

Governing Body Statement of Behaviour Principles

Edgelets Pre-school session dates 2019-2020 

Glossary of Terms for Key Stage 2 English Grammar, punctuation and spelling tests

Home-school Agreement May 2020 – May 2023

National Curriculum September 2014

New Pupil Report definition of terms 2018

OFSTED and School Performance Data 2015    OFSTED and School Performance Data 2016     OFSTED report February 2017

OFSTED and School Performance Data 2017    OFSTED and School Performance Data 2018  

Our School Day

Parents Consultation (OFSTED Style) 2018 

Parents’ Guide to the National Curriculum 2014 (Current version as at January 2019) 

PE Premium 2014-2015     PE Premium 2015-2016    Sports Premium Funding REP 2018-19 

Privacy Notice for Parents 2020-2021

Redfield Edge Primary School Curriculum

Redfield Edge Primary School Ofsted Report July 2012

SATS results for KS1 and KS2 2018-2019 

School Development Plan 2019-2022  

South Gloucestershire Locally Agreed RE Syllabus

Statement of procedures for allegations of abuse against staff 2017 – 2020

Underpinning principles for assessment

We are happy to supply paper copies of information from our website by request’