The Friends of Redfield Edge

The Friends work hard to raise money to help with the education and enrichment of the children at Redfield Edge. We want more than your time and your money – we want your ideas and your children’s ideas. What do you think would help make life at school more enjoyable; what would help with the children’s education; what would reduce class room stress? The Friends are a small group of volunteers but we want your ideas to help us focus where we direct our efforts and where we spend the money the you have all helped us raise.

The is a call out to all parents, carers, teachers, school staff, pupils and Governors. Please go onto the website and send us your ideas via the Contact Us page. No idea is too crazy – and we will review every single idea that gets sent to us.

The link to the Contact Us form is below:

The Chairperson is Kelly Woodruff and the Vice Chairperson is Jayne Dean