Holly Class Information

Updated 19th September 2018
Item Day Information
PE Sessions Tuesday Please ensure your child has their full PE kit in school everyday. PE bags are sent home every holiday giving parents an opportunity to wash and check that their child’s kit still fits them. Please ensure daps are provided for the summer terms 5 & 6.
Toast Money Monday Please ensure that toast money is handed in on Mondays in a separate envelope to any other money with your child’s name on – 50p for a whole week.
Reading Books Every Day Reading books and records need to be in school every day. Reading books will be changed once a week.
(after October half term)
Every Day These need to be in school every day and will be checked once a week. A new set of sounds will be sent home when the children are confident at reading all of their sounds correctly without hesitation.
Homework (From Term 2) On Going Children need to practice their reading and maths skills as near to every day as possible (5 x minimum) Reading can be their reading book from school or books that you have at home. Children can retell stories that are familiar to them and practice their story language.

At the beginning of the year, all parents are given a pack including ideas for practicing maths at home. The expectations of what your child should be able to achieve by the end of the year are detailed in their reading record. After Christmas, your child will have a copy of their maths targets sent home, which you can also work on. Any progress they make towards achieving their targets can be recorded in their reading record books. Children’s maths skills can be developed in many ways and counting objects on the way home or playing board games can be an excellent starting point.
Me Box Fridays Children have the opportunity to present their ‘ME Box’ to the class. A letter detailing when it is your child’s turn is sent out in advance.


Out of school achievements

(after Christmas)
Friday Certificates, medals and awards can be sent to school every Friday for Mr Foss to present in our celebration assembly.
 WOW Slips On Going Parents can send in information about important and exciting achievements that may have happened at home, which the children would like to share with school. This information will also be put into their profiles. Blank WOW slips can be obtained from Miss Turner or Mrs Nelmes. 
Wheelie Wednesdays (after Christmas) Wednesday Children are invited to bring in a bike or scooter to school along with a helmet, where they will have the opportunity to ride them with their classmates on the playground (provided they have brought in a helmet) on Wednesday afternoons. There are a small number of bikes and helmets for children who wish to borrow them.