Abbie Andrews

Year 2 Class Teacher / Maths Team Lead

Job Title

Year 2 Class Teacher

Roles and Responsibilities

Maths Team Tead

About Me

I was born and grew up in Oldland Common and lived there until I moved to a small village, in the countryside, on the outskirts of Bath. I went to primary and secondary school in the local area and then went to UWE for my teacher training. While training I was lucky enough to teach in many different and unique schools and met lots of fabulous new teachers. I absolutely love being a teacher as every day is completely unique. I have a daughter called Elsie who also attends Redfield Edge. We have two pet gerbils called Olivia and Rupert and a very old guinea pig called Buttons. In my spare time I enjoy going on nature walks with my family and friends and baking. As I live in the countryside a lot of the land is left untouched, I often find lots of interesting animals that I have never seen before so my daughter and I like to study them and find out what makes them unique.

Education Philosophy

I believe that every person excels in a space where they feel valued and supported. As a class teacher, I feel every child is unique and has something special they can bring to our classroom. Every classroom has its own unique community and my role is to assist each child in developing themselves into curious, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners who embrace the world around them. I will always incorporate hands on learning, linking it to the world around them, where they will be able to link, apply and prove themselves in any opportunity they chose.