Jessica Griffiths

Year 6 & DHT Maths Team Lead

Job Title

Year 6 Class Teacher
Deputy Head Teacher

Role & Responsibility

English Team – Writing Standards Lead
Maths Team

About Me
I grew up in the Bristol area and only moved away to study Physical Education and Youth Sport at Sheffield Hallam University. In those three years I was training to become a secondary school PE teacher. However, having gained more experience in Primary Schools I fell in love with this age range and the rest is history!
Every year, during the summer months at University, I moved to West Virginia, USA and combined my love of children and horses as a Senior Equestrian Camp Counsellor. During my time there I gained lifelong friends which has allowed me to travel all over the world.
After moving back to Bristol I studied at Bath Spa University where I was awarded my PGCE. Not only was graduation a great day because I had qualified as a Primary School Teacher; I was also awarded my certificate by Mary Berry the ‘Great British Bake Off Queen’! I have no idea why she was handing out the certificates but it made my day to meet one of my baking idols!
Since starting at Redfield Edge I have achieved many things both professionally and personally but the biggest change has to be going from Miss Barratt to Mrs Griffiths in August 2017!
Education Philosophy

My educational philosophy is one of inclusion and discovery. I believe every child can be included in lessons with simple adaptation of expectations or task and by catering to all types of learning styles. Although ‘Every Child Matters’ may no longer exist, its principles are one that I feel are very important. It is up to me, as the class teacher, to make reasonable adjustment to my lessons allowing all the children in my class to achieve and, most importantly, make progression. 
I am a firm believer that cross-curricular planning and teaching can vastly improve a child’s education. Although I do see the benefit of individual subjects, I feel that cross-curricular teaching breaks down subject barriers and gives children a real context to lessons. This submersion in a topic and blurring of curriculum subjects keeps children fully engaged and gives subjects real life significance.