Michelle Leighton


Job Title

Teaching Assistant

Role & Responsibility

EYFS and Year 4 class support

About Me

I have lived in Bristol all my life and now live in North Common.   I am married with two children and both of them came to Redfield Edge Primary and Preschool.

I have worked at Redfield Edge since 2008 as a Teaching Assistant and had the pleasure of working in all year groups.

I have a rather hectic life outside of Redfield Edge as I have 3 dogs and 4 ponies that need a lot of looking after, which my daughter helps with as well.  You may see me out walking with them at times if you live locally. To relax my family and I often take our caravan to Brean for the weekend which I look forward to.

Education Philosophy

Children are like little acorns and we are here to  help them turn into great oaks.